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Here is an assortment of videos we or others have put together featuring footage ranging from D’Arcy hand shaping boards, surfboard factory tours, team riders, interviews and board model information as well as some basic tutorials on applying deck grip (traction pads) correctly and caring for your boards etc.

Anything you would like to know and can’t find here....let us know and we’ll make a short video about it.

“Lights, camera, action...”

Videos Featuring D'Arcy

D'Arcy Surfboards
The Slingshot
D'Arcy Surfboards Ugly Betty Model
The Grom Model Surfboard
All Yew
D'Arcy Surfboards Bomb Model
How to Install Removable Fins onto your new Surfboard
How to put Deck Grip on your New Board
In the Bay
Jae Copp - Street Cube - OneWay Project Street Art
Jimmy Mac - Little Black Wheels
Shaping A Future
Shaping the Dragon's Head
StreetCube Surfers Paradise Festival
Stuart D'Arcy "Shaping an experience"
The Art of Shaping
Totally Wild Visits the D'Arcy Surfboards Factory
Zane D'Arcy Surfing the Grom Model, South Coast, NSW

Videos Featuring Asher Pacey

Asher Pacey Innersection 2012
Otis X Asher
2011/12 Show Reel
A Surfer's Paradise - Monday Mince Secret Reef
Armourdillo Belts #003: Asher Pacey
Asher Pacey & Friends: The Indo Trip
Asher Pacey 1
Asher Pacey Shuvit
Asher Pacey Surfing Australia
Asher Pacey talks The Bomb with D'Arcy
Ashers Lefts
Australia Surfing Canon 7D footage
Bali Dreaming - Late Season Gold
Colors on the Craft
Forgotten Fun - A KorduroyTV Sea Movie by Nat Lanyon
Forgotten Fun - A KorduroyTV Sea Movie by Nat Lanyon
Green Pastures - Feat Asher Pacey
Home Videos - Asher Pacey
Home Videos - Asher Pacey
How put Deck Grip on your New Board
Howl'n at the Sea
I Love Snapper
Josh Kerr & Asher Pacey
Kirra - Back in all it's Glory
Left Overs
Left Overs on the Goldy
Life Support Trailer- JC Underground Productions
Mick Fanning and Asher Pacey Surf the Best Kirra in 20 Years
Mick Fanning, Asher Pacey, Dean Morrison & More
Mixed Bag
Move of the Week #4
Oblique Vista - Sea Movies
Oblique Vista - Sea Movies
Oh Baby, Don't Just Surf The Net
OTIS Eyewear x Asher Pacey 2012
Puddles In The Sky- New Surf Film Teaser
Road Trippin - Gold Coast
Road Trippin - North Coast
RVCA | Asher Pacey
Six Pins: Behind the Scenes with Macario De Souza (Director)
Snapper Rocks
Sons Of Sickness- New Surf Film Teaser
Stuart D'Arcy "Shaping an experience"
Surf Bali 7 dias de Junio 2010 Asher Pacey
Surf OZ with Asher Pacey
Surfing Australia with Asher Pacey
Surfing The Great Barrier Reef
Taylor Steele's 2012 Amateur Surf Video Filmmaking Contest
The AP Search
The Mad Huis Team Video
The One That Got Away
The Sound of Change: Episode 1
The Sound of Change: Epsiode 2
VB Slab of the Week Entry - Asher Pacey
Walkin' the Dog
Way of the Ocean (Trailer 2)
Way of the Oceans (Left Overs)
Western Side of the East Coast

Videos Featuring Billy Kean

Billy Kean//Imperial Motion
All Billy Wants To Do
Billy Kean - One Session on the North Coast
Billy Kean 2010
Quick Skeg - Bored Muscles
Secret Sumatra 2011
Surf Jerks
Testing Ocean & Earth Tailpads

Videos Featuring Layne Beachley

Billabong XXL- Girls Best Performance Award Entries
Layne Beachley - Profile
Layne Beachley Advances Quarter 4 - Sunset
Layne Beachley talks about D'Arcy Surfboards with Jeff Slayter
Ride of the Year Entry - Layne Beachley at Ours (HD) - Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards 2010

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