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Stealth SQ3

  • Stealth SQ3

    The S-Q3 utilises the renowned front side fin template combined with Shapers Fins proven S-X back centres with 80/20 foil to offer tight yet smooth turning arcs. A well balanced setup for a wide variety of surf conditions. Best suited for lighter weight surfers.  

    Side Fins 
    Size: Small: 45 - 60kg 
    Side Base: 110mm | 4.33" 
    Side Depth: 111mm | 4.37" 
    Side Sweep: 33 Degrees 
    Side Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology) 
    Rear Fins 
    Rear Base: 99mm | 4.89" 
    Rear Depth: 111mm | 4.37" 
    Rear Sweep: 29 Degrees 
    Rear Foil: 80/20
    Stealth SQ3

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