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"I still have both surfboards....almost two years on heavy surf and they look like brand new, so stoked.....thank´s for the hospitality at your fabric Stuart!"

Renato Pelecho Aguirre -‎ 3rd round World Star Tour, ASP, Arica, Chile

"Hi guys, just wanted darcy to know i am so stoked with the boards and extras, cant wait to try the roast lamb out ha ha!"

Chris Abrahams - Chef on the Indies Trader IV - Mentawai’s

"Hey Darc wanted to say thanks again for another great board you have shaped me . After all the boards I have got from you over the years they just keep on getting better and better keep up the good work Darc."

Ryan Shaw, Gold Coast

"My new D’Arcy looks amazing, so happy thanks darc!"

Louis Gervais - Poska Artist, Gold Coast

"Am blown away by that board darc love it to bits!"

Aaron Daly

"Well you are a sick shaper, you showed me around your old factory and let me watch you shape a board :) and you remind me of my dad soo much :)"

Shaun Gerrard, NSW

"Lovin’ that single fin you shaped for me Darc !!!! Haven't got off it & don't plan too !!! Yeeeooowwww !!!!"

Jimmy Gadd

"The bomb is fantastic… makes my 40yo legs feel 20 again… thought I was destined for the mal brigade but I reckon at least another 10 years on the short board no problems. Haven’t had this much speed ever before."

Guy O’Neill

Broke in the Bomb this weekend down in Vicco!! F#*kn awesome!!! So sick I love it!! Thanks mate!!!

Ado Wiseman - Poska Artist

"Hi ya bud, without this board I don’t know where I’d be now, thanks for getting me back in the water!!"

Sam Weatherhead - WA

"I am totally stoked with the purchase of my new 6,2 Darcy Surfboard!"

Sam Stefanaras

"Yeah darc couldn't be happier with it. It's a Pissa, awesome to ride. Cheers mate!"

Darrin Moss

"Mate, so stoked with the newy! Can’t wait to test it. One of those crafts you put under your arm and go FARK how good is this! Stokein...
Im now a quad fin convert,seams to ride so much smoother and heaps of speed though turns. Thanks D'Arcy a big thumbs up for my new Bomb. Its a board every surfer should have in their quiver :-)"

Adam Arnold

"Got this little number last year. Goes unreal I've been riding it almost exclusively since. Thanks heaps Darc!"

Luke Bouris, NSW

"Just picked up another great looking 5'11 shred stick from Darcy. Louis Gervais got his hands on this one too and Jazzed it up as usual. Im keen to get on it ASAP."

Asher Pacey, Gold Coast

"Darcy crafted this amazing looking small wave board with some bonus artwork by Louis Gervais. Looks pretty groovy I think.."

Asher Pacey, Gold Coast

"Our Web Editor just picked up his new board from D'Arcy Surfboards, and he's pretty stoked on how it looks. The custom art was made with a bit of Photoshop and then printed by Inlayz to be laminated under the glass." 

Surfing Life Magazine

"Im pretty stoked for 2 reasons. A. D'arcy just made me a modified version of one of my favourite D’Arcy boards. B. I asked good mate Louis Gervais to draw me a creepy tree with a red glow in the background. He did an amazing job and it just added some flare to my board i am already psyched on."

Asher Pacey, Gold Coast

"Just put the board through it's paces at D-bah. What a corker, goes like a rocket and turns on a dial, best one ever for me. Thanks Bru."

Eric Pearson, Gold Coast

"The pit pro 5'10'' for Juliette ,really nice , thanks a lot Darcy , I hope you'll see her in snapper, she leaves on tuesday."

Olivier Brice, France

"Thanks Darcy , can't wait to ride it , looks sick...Test rode today , goes really good ,Darcy is the wizard from OZ!"

Darrin Moss, Gold Coast

"Very happy with their new boards! Thanks Darc."

Trish McDonald

"Hi Guys. Happy New Year! My and Thijs Bender's Christmas presents arrived in good order and are back in Holland now. Got out several times on the Half Pint mini noserider. Pretty average to quite good surf. Worked a treat every time. Wonderful board! Fabulous shape by Stuart D'Arcy and immaculate glassing by Nick Williams. Report on the Frequent Flyer to follow."

Tim Beswick, Holland

"Dave Gilmour reminds me of you, cos you're both geniuses!"

Ted O’Neil - The Vasco Era

"New board!Thank you Mr.DARCY & STAFF!!"

Kanato Ohmori, Japan

"Can’t believe i ran into D'Arcy in France. That's one cool dude!"

Jonathon Paskowitz

"Thank you for the boards you have shaped me over the years my friend.Your actions have always spoken louder than words and as the quality of you as a person is in the great people I see around you.That is why your crafmanship will endure,may the next chapter in your life bring you the happiness and joys you and the family you guys and "keep ripping bro!"

Phil Brown, Gold Coast

"Thanks heaps Michelle Blauw , Stuart D'Arcy & Kye for my new board . I think its the best looking board I have ever seen , heaps better than any of Dads !! It turned out much awesome than I imagined it would !!! Still can't wipe the smile off my face . You guys are awesome , thanks heaps Tiggy xxx"

Tiggy, Gold Coast 


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