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Meet D'Arcy

Emerging from the surfing ‘brat pack’ of Australia’s best junior surfers in the eighties, Stuart D’Arcy went pro at 18, he followed the tour throughout Australia and half way around the world for two consecutive years at which time he was placed in the top 50 surfers in the world.

Starting as a hobby at the young age of 13 and growing into a full blown career after many years of surfing the best waves around the globe, Stuart D’Arcy has personally shaped over 27,000 boards with most of these being customs.

Over the years D’Arcy has shaped boards for numerous pro surfers such as Martin Potter, Barton Lynch, Nathan Webster, Jake Patterson, Richie Lovett, Shane Powell, Derek Ho, John Shimooka, Nainoa Surratt, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Occy, Brad Gerlach, Chris Davidson, Damon Harvey, Clint Kimmins and Lisa Anderson to name a few.

He currently sponsors 7 times World Women’s Champion, Layne Beachley and up and coming free surfer, Billy Kean as well as a fine stable of junior surfers around the world including Europe, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

D’Arcy is also one of the few shaper’s who surf as well as they shape. He proved this at the 2003 Australian Titles by convincingly winning the over 35 men’s at the age of 40 in six foot perfection at Cylinders on North Stradbroke Island and still surfs competitively for the Kirra team.

After all these years of shaping boards, D’Arcy still loves what he does and believes your next board should always be better than your last.

Layne Beachley

A few words from Layne Beachley...

“D’Arcy caters to every level of surfer...he takes the time to understand the person standing on the board. It is best to always work with shapers who are willing to listen. D’Arcy’s depth of understanding and knowledge of what it takes to make a good board, goes into making every board he shapes.

When you travel to specific locations he can make boards to cater to those waves. The great thing is that D’Arcy has also surfed those waves so he knows what works.

You need a healthy level of communication and understanding of what it takes to get that magical surfboard under your feet because that makes all the difference every time.

There’s no such thing as a bad surf, just a poor choice of equipment. If you’ve got the right equipment you can have a great surf every day.

It’s really important for the shaper to get to understand the surfer, where they’re at with their surfing and where they want to take it to. D’Arcy does spend that extra time.

That’s why you see all the world champs stick to one shaper and build up that relationship. That way they can refine their equipment because it’s only a small amount of variables that make an enormous difference and understanding those qualities will enhance your surfing.

The smallest changes in a surfboard make the biggest adjustments in surfing.

If you want to get on a new surfboard that works for you, go buy a D’Arcy.” 

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