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We Love: Bon Affair


Yesterday we spent the day with some great friends at Solana Beach, California where we are currently making surfboards for our US market. The weather at this time of the year here in California is gorgeous and we whiled away the hot, breezy afternoon on the balcony of the lovely Jayla and James watching the surf and eating James' homemade gourmet pizza made from his home grown organic vegetables...yum!

While there Jayla introduced us to her new line of sparkling beverages, Bon Affair all natural wine spritzers which we happily sipped in the sunshine...if you are one of the many people who can't stand all those sweet mixers, find a few wines a bit heavy especially during the day and feel bloated after a couple of beers then these new concoctions of Jayla's will be right up your alley..!!

Jayla first came up with the idea when she worked as a product specialist for global brands, Diesel and Burton. Coming from the action sports/apparel industries ourselves we know that a great deal of business and networking is done in a social environment which more often than not ends up being a 'big night out'...heaps of fun but not so conducive to work the next day..!! After a few years of being in this industry Jayla knew that there had to be a way she could partake in all the fun and games but still feel fresh enough in the morning to go for a jog, then head into work and comfortably tackle all the responsibilities of the day ahead. This is when she started experimenting at home with some of her favourite wines, purified carbonated water, grape seed extract and best of all electrolytes (essential body salts lost by dehydration, a side effect of alcohol consumption). And no sugar (and no fake sugar either...yay).

Although Bon Affair isn't officially allowed to say 'Drink without the hangover' but we'll tell you that we woke up the next morning feeling bright, chirpy and fully hydrated..!!

Try it for yourself....and tell Jayla we sent you...!!

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