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Travel: Cornwall


For those of you who have been following us via our social media channels you would know that we have been in Europe for the last 6 months namely Cornwall in the UK.

We’ve been living in a lovely beachside town by the name of Newquay and busily making boards for the European market with Newquay’s surf industry icon Seabase Ltd.

During our time here we have met so many amazing people, some locals, some blow-ins themselves but all in all an eclectic bunch of people connected to the ocean in some way.

Shaping surfboards for a living is the best way to meet people and travel the world so we were also lucky enough to travel to France, Spain and Holland while we’ve been here.

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Come along for the ride and stay tuned for all our global adventures...

Here are a small collection of pics we’ve put together from our time in Cornwall...

More coming soon...


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